Teke Talk
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Teke Talk

Teke Talk

“TEKE TALK: Psalms of the Revolution 2” had Wahine voices; Wahine sharing their own perspectives of TEKE TALK.


TEKE TALK includes discussing and revitalising ideas: returning to and restoring Mana Tangata, Mana Whenua and Mana Whanau as wise, relevant practice.




All you Furry Feminists!
Take your Verbose Vaginas and Muff Monologues elsewhere!
Take your Pakeha Pussy HOME!
Your presence leaves my precious parched!
Sheeeit! Listening to your whinging gets me so dry I’m FLAMMABLE!
This is TEKE TALK. Where the Tore is tickled and tantalised!
This is for the Daughters of the Dawn Maiden and Death Goddess.
Our obsidian teeth warn: WHUCK OFF!
Feel the wrath of my Re-Vulva!
Colonising Cunts!
Your quest for indigeneity is over.
Power and Cuntrol is ours.
If you were scared before,
Now you should be.
Vulva Te Revolution!


For Tuhipo and her Secret Garden.


December 1, 2016


Spoken Word