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Te Arawa Superheroes:
A League of Their Own

A series of portaits that inspire wananga for whanau and kura, the Te Arawa Superheroes creatively engage taiohi with the feats of our tupuna in a modern context.   Set in the future, the storylines include scenarios that explore the possible impacts of the decisions of this


Inspired by the Guides of Whakarewarewa, the PennyDiva is a tribute to our kuia, aunties, mothers, cousins and sisters: ourselves.   The PennyDiva is ample, vibrant, potent, sassy, sexy and body positive. Whanau friendly, PennyDiva reminds us to look at ourselves, laugh and love life. Her language

Te Ekenga o Te Tangata

Te Arawa focused, these original artworks have been collated to be colouring books: as a health promotion initiative. The drawings are inspired by whakapapa narratives, in this instance, those that honour and celebrate sexual health. Intended with humour, Puhaorangi, Tamatekapua, Rangitihi, Tutanekai, Kurungaituku, Whakaotirangi, Hinemoa and